Powerplant: 24 Lies Per Second

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  • Cat: SIGCD313
  • Release date: 5 November 2012
Powerplant third album

Liner notes

'Sixty minutes of aggressive, percussive minimalism. Graham Fitkin’s Chain of Command is a startling opener. Crude but musically effective, it’s constructed entirely of vocal samples of Donald Rumsfeld and George W Bush, taken from speeches about Guantanamo. An early Steve Reich work, My Name Is, this new recording skilfully assembled from audience members’ responses to being asked their names ... multi-tracked vocals creating a few minutes of rhythm and harmonic bliss. Max De Wardener’s clangorous Im Dorfe takes its starting point from the Schubert song, a piano sample assailed by a battery of feverish percussion ... bracing, stimulating music, brilliantly played and recorded.'

Graham Rickson, Classical CDs Weekly, May 2013

Track listing/listen

  1. Chain of Command
    Graham Fitkin
  2. The Boom and The Bap
    Matthew Fairclough
  3. 24 Lies Per Second
    Max de Wardener
  4. Im Dorfe
    Max de Wardener
  5. White Ribbon
    Max de Wardener
  6. Until My Blood is Pure
    Max de Wardener
  7. Piece for Tape (For Percussion)
    Conlon Nancarrow
  8. Armed Response Unit
    Dominic Murcott
  9. My Name Is
    Steve Reich