Spitfire Percussion

A collection full of life and character, this definitive percussion library provides the bedrock for your orchestral compositions, performed by world-renowned British percussionist Joby Burgess. Spitfire Percussion has been expertly recorded in The Hall at AIR Studios, the home of blockbuster scores and the same space as our Symphonic and Chamber library recordings.

This comprehensive orchestral percussion library has been made in collaboration with renowned percussionist Joby Burgess, known for leading the percussion on blockbuster film scores from Black Panther to Ex Machina as well as his work with artists from Peter Gabriel to Eric Whitacre. We have sampled his extensive and enviable collection of percussion instruments in one of the best scoring stages in the world — The Hall at AIR Studios. This space provides a degree of spatial richness that is extremely difficult to replicate artificially. 

Spitfire founders Paul and Christian worked with Joby to curate the most essential articulations and playing styles, so you don't need to be a percussionist to assemble a beautiful and detailed performance. Choose between three different mic positions (Close, Tree, Ambient) for extra control.

Every note was recorded by AIR Studios' expert resident engineer Jake Jackson using an array of priceless vintage microphones via Neve “Montserrat” pre-amps and a beautifully serviced Studer 2” tape machine, then into digital at 96k via the best Prism AD converters.

Sound On Sound

Recorded in Air Studio’s Lyndhurst Hall, Spitfire Percussion marks the launch of the company’s commercial range and is now on sale to the public as a 25GB download in Kontakt 4 and Kontakt Player 4 format. The samples are performed by the talented percussionist Joby Burgess, founder of experimental outfit Powerplant and a member of the fabulously entertaining Ensemble Bash contemporary‑classical‑afro‑jazz percussion quartet.

If you were scoring a cinematic sequence on the scale of Gladiator’s opening battle scene, you’d be glad to have Spitfire’s timpani at your disposal. Their big, commanding sound matches Russell Crowe’s larger‑than‑life screen presence, and, by comparison, makes some other sampled timpani seem like the musical equivalent of Kenneth Williams.

Though not quite ready to lay down my life in support of a magazine review, I have to say that Spitfire Percussion’s marimba is to die for. The combination of opulent hall acoustic, a fine, mellow instrument, medium‑soft beaters and the sensitive touch of the player has produced a beautiful, sweet and musically incisive patch.

The sound quality is inspirational, and the assured performances and sensible musical choices guarantee a smooth ride. Spitfire Percussion is a treasure trove of great‑sounding instruments that will add quality, realism and a touch of class to your arrangements.

Dave Stewart, Sound on Sound, February 2011

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